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Oil Products Business Consultants B.V. (OPBS), founded in 2004, provides services for B2B and B2C strategic business development projects to oil companies. OPBS main focus is at downstream oil companies businesses such as Retail, LPG and Lubricants.

Downstream B2B and B2C strategic business development projects and services

All our consultants are seasoned professionals and advice is based on real experiences, not theoretical case studies that have little relevance. Plans are developed according to the client’s goals and focused on leveraging the best of the staff and assets.

Projects are tailor made to ensure that we develop solutions meeting specific needs of a company.

Typical work comprises four phases.

This approach commences with training the key staff making the analysis and developing the strategy. Guiding and supporting the local staff developing business improvement plans and coaching the local staff with the implementation.
Phase 1 is typically lead by consultants from OPBS with support from the client.

It will be a high-level review and validation of the relevant commercial areas, including competitor analysis. The result will be a gap analysis and the identification of business opportunities. It will enable the validation or development of a downstream strategy strategy into business implementation plans and the development of pilots (Phase 2 and 3).

These phases are lead by OPBS but plans are develop by the client, while in phase 4 the client will be leading the project and OPBS role will be coaching and supporting.

Special area’s of expertise

  • Retail
  • Lubricants
  • B2B
  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Business processes
  • Top

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